Unnamed Glow Sep19

Unnamed Glow

There’s a glow that comes from within, a peace embedded in the eyes, there’s a world that lives in the mystery but that gives peace. There’s a place uncertain of life, theres a look that looks where to look. All that there is lives inside of you, nothing is out there to find,...

Better read Signs Sep17

Better read Signs

Walking around New York is never a boring walk. There is lots of things, people, signs and situations happening. And despite the fact that parking is sort of an impossibility for Manhattan you better count with a sense of humor to cope with it. Otherwise you might end up with flat tires and...

Silent Scream Sep15

Silent Scream

Inside each of us there are hidden parts, sometimes in the dark. We don’t quite know why we react in certain ways at times, but everything has a reason why. We just need to look for it, in ourselves, at peace. We may discover things that will make us want to scream, out loud, or in the...


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